Jamie’s love for playing the piano wasn’t something that was there from the beginning. In fact he didn’t take a great deal of interest until he was 16 and it wasn’t till he was 18 that he bought his first Elton John record. He took up playing the piano at five and didn’t think much of it all the way up till he was 13 when his parents finally relented and let him give it up. 

Fast forward three years and Daniel Powter’s piano based pop track ‘Bad Day’ was released. Taking a fancy to it Jamie decided to try and learn it on the piano. This lead to a new found enjoyment for his instrument and several Beatles and Rock n Roll music books later he was happily playing for several hours a day.

Soon after Jamie became the pianist in his first band, Kimera, a three piece playing acoustic pop songs at local jams. During this time he also bought his first Elton John CD, though didn’t get to play any of his newly favourite songs in the band as the singer wasn’t a fellow fan. 

After four years of floating around from jam to jam and supporting other more established bands, the singer of Kimera left for University. Jamie (being the next least shy member) took up the role of vocals. The band recruited a drummer and moved onto a more hard rock sound, covering AC/DC and Guns N Roses songs. With it’s new rockier sound Kimera started playing gigs at local pubs and bars in South East London. 

After several years and several line up changes Kimera eventually folded and Jamie joined fellow rock covers band Hardtail (featuring guitarist Dave Jackson) and formed another more originals based band Stone Blind. The gigs started building up and soon Hardtail and Stone Blind were regular features at bars, pubs and jams all over the South East.

Not wanting to be labelled as just a rock singer though, Jamie also started playing solo gigs at the keys. This allowed him to play a more varied set of songs and also gave him the chance to play more material from his ever increasing collection of Elton John albums. 

Come mid 2015 and Hardtail was put on hiatus (it may one day return) leaving Jamie and guitarist Dave with a bit of spare time on their hands. After many months of toying with the idea of a solo tribute to Elton John, Jamie put to Dave the possibly of a full on tribute band. Ideas quickly came together and soon a full line up was established creating Jamie and the Jets.

The Gear List
• Roland RD800 piano
• Line 6 XD-V35 Wireless Digital Mic
• TC Helicon Mic Mechanic Reverb Pedal
• Bose L1 Compact PA Speaker (for solo gigs and monitoring)
• Lots and lost of pairs of sunglasses